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  • Advertisement

    Thanks to the ad tracking and advertising module developed within the Apexrom project, projects will be able to reach thousands of people with the most affordable advertising cost, while users who watch ads will benefit from the revenue generated from this.

  • Academy

    Thanks to our digital education platform that can keep up with the developing age, you will be able to access basic, intermediate, and expert level trainings.

  • Launchpad

    Use the Apexrom Mega Launchpad platform to take advantage of early buying opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets.

  • Game

    In 2023, we will make a great contribution to the Apexrom ecosystem with our games that will support our ecosystem in the gaming industry, which reached 195 billion dollars.

  • Gem Analysis

    Thanks to the Gem analysis application that brings you the big coins that have taken place in the market before they grow, you will be the first to know about crypto projects before anyone else hears about them.

  • Voucher Market

    You will be able to spend the points you earn from the voucher market, which will support the Apexrom ecosystem, as you wish.

  • Trade Analysis

    Ensure the success of your trades in the cryptocurrency markets with a trade analysis application that will increase your trade rate.

  • Apexrom Exchange

    One of the most important structures complementing the Apexrom ecosystem will be a reliable and well-established exchange platform.


Earn Airdrops!

The APR Advertising and Airdrop platform offers users token rewards for watching ads, following social media accounts, and visiting websites. With the Airdrop feature, you can also earn income from the advertising and website visits of users you refer.

Combining tokens and advertising, ARP aims to expand its network with corporate-scale advertisements.


With Apexrom Mega Launchpad, you can get the opportunity to buy cryptos early before exchanges. With your Apexrom tokens, you can participate in early purchases of newly released coins, so you can buy highpotential coins early before they hit the market.
On the Mega Launchpad platform, you make purchases with Apexrom tokens and after expenses are deducted, the remaining Apexrom tokens are sent to the burner. Thus, we ensure that Apexrom tokens are constantly burned from the market without creating token inflation.

Road Map


  • ICO process begins.
  • Finalization of ICO process
  • Global Marketing
  • Entry into Global Exchanges


  • Global marketing for APR CAFE-MARKET
  • Continuation of development process for Prz Games platform
  • Introduction of APR Online Global Game Platform HUNTER WARS v2
  • Launch of APR BLOCKCHAIN


  • Opening of APR CAFE-MARKET
  • Introduction of APR METAVERSE projects
  • APR BLOCKCHAIN FINAL and introduction
  • APR BLOCKCHAIN global partnership solutions


Gem Coin Analysis

We have made a strategic partnership with GEMICE, which provides in-depth analysis of coins that have the potential to grow, so that you will be the first to know about the coins that are waiting to grow in the market before they grow.

Thus, you will be able to access detailed technical and fundamental analysis of small growth coins with your Apexrom Tokens.

Apexrom Games

We have 4 games in the first phase that we have developed for the gaming industry, the most lucrative and fastest growing industry in the world.

With our games that support the Apexrom ecosystem, you will be able to earn rewards while playing. Apexrom tokens will be used for purchases within the games and the used apexrom tokens will be sent to the burner.

Apexrom Academy

Online Education Platform

Apexrom Academy provides a comprehensive learning experience for traders by offering basic, intermediate, and expert level courses that support the Apexrom token ecosystem. It also helps our users to improve their financial skills with tutorials that help teach online earning methods and support them to succeed in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Basic Analysis Trainings
  • Technical Analysis Trainings
  • The Art of Investing - Portfolio Management
  • Online Money Making Business Models
  • Youtube Automation Training
  • Making Money by Starting a Digital Agency
  • Network Marketing Expert Trainings

Voucher Market

We offer a structure that combines the Voucher market infrastructure with the product and coin industry. The system, which offers the opportunity to shop for Voucher market products with tokens, coins and points, allows users to meet their individual needs and create a market within the system. Infrastructure is being prepared to promote the use of voucher points and collaborate with e-commerce platforms. The widespread use of points online will facilitate the adoption of tokens.